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Q:  How do I qualify for sponsorship?

A:  You need to have a Youtube Channel with more than 1,000 subscribers. 

Q:  How do I earn money with LpsQueen.com?

1. By making a video review of LpsQueen.Com 

2. By making unboxing video of our product.

3. By giving discount code to your viewers and/or subscribers.

Q:  How do I request free package for unboxing video?

A:   If you'd like to do a review of our products or website, send us an email at veltoben@bellsouth.net and pls include your Youtube channel so we can review your channel and see if you qualify.

Q:   What types of videos can I make?

A:   You can make 3 types of video:
1. LpsQueen.com website review
2. Unboxing video
3. Skit, episode  or short film video.

Q:  How much money can I earn?

A:   You can earn from $10-$50 per video! Based on the subscribers number of your YouTube Channel.