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Story Telling Contest


Hi guys!!!

We are having a Story Telling Competition! Here's your chance to write the best story you can make about LPS characters and submit it to us via "contact us" on top of the page.

  Imagine how these silly pets driving this stroller without having their seatbelt on! Ooops, do they know it has seatbelt?! I hope they know because if they don't it's gonna be one hell of a ride! Look at their faces! They are absolutely having fun! :D

It can be about beach adventure, best friends, school or anything you like. Just use your imagination and let the fun begin! Use your favorite pets such as Angelina Davis, Savannah, Genevieve Ryan or Brooke Hayes. Oh, I think I said to much already.


            "I only wish I had more Ice Cream"
Or maybe you can relate some of your stories when you and your friends or siblings are eating while playing. Just like these three little rats who love eating their all time favorite food while goofing around! And they love doing that whole day! Not playing, but eating cheeeeeeeeeese! :D    



 So anyway, we will pick 3 best stories and they will be published on our LPS website plus you will receive one of these amazing prizes!  

1st prize:


2nd prize: 


3rd prize



So what are you waiting for?  Give your best shot!!
Hope you win!! :)